Lower My Personal Volume...Said No One Ever


Are you worn out, burnt out, out of creativity and out of time?  I know that it can feel that way, especially after the winter months! Don't throw in the towel just yet!  Your goal is to raise the bar and increase your paycheck and I am here to give you some easy ways to do just that!

  • Set A New Personal Record Goal:  Stop competing with everyone else and start striving to be better than you were 'yesterday'. There is nothing like setting a record to compete with your very own personal best.  It doesn't have to be big, just big enough to beat your personal best. Look back at your best months and determine how you did what you did to make those months great.  Create a plan and make it your mission to beat your best month by even just $1!

    • Create things within your VIP Groups that will consistently bring in sales each month.  Some ideas are Most-Loved Products, Hostess of The Month Club, Birthday Club, Mystery Hostess or Fun Contests & Games.

    • Work your virtual business plan in the same way that you would need to work a successful brick & mortar business.  You wouldn't leave your store window looking the same every single day, would you? You wouldn't ignore the customers who chose to stop in and comment on the products in your store, would you? You wouldn't just expect people to come by every day without advertising, would you? There are so many important steps in building a successful business and the customer experience is quite often neglected. 

    • Join me on Monday, March 18th at 8:30PM/EST for a new workshop Attraction Marketing 101.  Attraction Marketing you say?  What the heck is it? Simply put, Attraction Marketing is the foundation of all great direct sales business. Create solid relationships first, sales & new team members will follow. The training is always my go to suggestion on where to begin.  Attention Marketing is the key to growing your VIP groups, your client list and followers and creating a business that thrives!

With many of us working our businesses online, it takes a little extra something to grow your Facebook groups, increase Instagram followers, and turn those connections into life-long customers.  The 1-hour workshop will teach you how to engage your followers in a relationship based way. It speaks to how to use your social media posts to create a place where people want be. At the end of the workshop you leave with an exercise to work on to warm up your current network of followers.


This workshop will teach you how to...

  • Understand the fundamental principles of working in your business

  • How to warm up your personal network

  • Simple ways to create and control your social media content

  • Identify your ideal client and how to market to them

  • Build a sustainable thriving business

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