Unlikely Coworkers

Have you ever thought about how you go about building your team? How do you choose to talk to someone about joining you? How do you know if that person will want the opportunity you have to offer them?

Do you find that sometimes you tend to ask people that are 'like' you? People that you already know or that appear to be the same as you as you're looking for new team members?

Maybe they have a similar personality. Maybe their children are involved in the sames sports as yours. Maybe they are the same age as you? Maybe they are married/single, like you?

We tend to gravitate toward like minded people and people in the same 'season' of life as us. But...what if you started to look for the UNLIKELY COWORKERS? People that aren't like us or that we may not see as the obvious choices? Imagine offering the opportunity to EVERYONE. Imagine allowing them to CHOOSE if this opportunity is right for them. What if we start to believe that EVERY person that crosses our path deserves to know about the opportunities we can offer. We WILL NOT take "NO" personally or be offended by an objection. We will simply INFORM and OFFER even to the 'unlikely coworkers'.

How would this change YOU? How would this change YOUR team? How would this change your BUSINESS? How would this change your LIFE? Most importantly, how could this CHANGE things for OTHERS?

Is fear preventing you from offering your opportunities to everyone?


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