Transformation Begins Here

Oh how I love this season!  I love them all but there is just something about the fall.  The visual transformation that takes place is amazing.  Change is inevitable. 

Transformation is really just...change.  Change isn't good or bad.  Our reaction to the changes are the good and the bad.  Our role in creating change is the good and the bad.  Starting now, I want us to see change as the transformation to something good.  I want it to be a verb.  An action that you personally take that will create a ripple in your pond.  That ripple will be made, by you,  to put the change, the transformation, in motion.  That ripple will lead you to the very goal you have in mind if you follow it through.

What is it that you desire?  What do you dream of becoming?  What do you see yourself doing or creating?  How much change do you want?  How do you personally want to transform?  Dare to dream and dare to take that first step to start your transformation today. 

Start here...start now.

1. Begin With Acceptance

Begin at the beginning.  You start here and now to make change by accepting your current situation.

2. Your Values

Understand what you bring to the table.  What are your values?  When choosing to change you must understand what you are willing to commit to before beginning the transformation.  Be honest with yourself.  Do not compare yourself to the seemingly perfect stories you hear.  This is your journey.  You write the story and you cause the change to occur in your own way.

3. Slow & Steady

Willpower is not an infinite energy source.

Rather than fixating on an end goal, plan your next few steps in the direction of your goal. Take it one step at a time and celebrate each time you complete a step.

Take your time.  Success is worth it.

4. Support

Find accountability.  You can hire a coach (I know a couple great ones!) or maybe you tell a reliable friend about the next few steps you’re taking.  Whatever works for you...just have someone to help hold you accountable and to recognize your efforts along the way.

5. Failure Happens
Accept it but don't let it stop you.  Learn from it and move on towards your goal.  Do not quit.  There really is no failure, unless you just plain quit.
It's time...I believe in you!


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