Rules of Recruiting

You have dreams...BIG DREAMS.  You have goals and time lines and graphs and charts...all about YOUR BIG DREAMS.  You know exactly what you need to reach those goals and you know exactly who you want to partner with to make it all happen.

BUT...yes, there is always a but...some of those people on your list don't want to be your partner...yet.

This means that you must inform them of your decision to partner with them!  Sounds simple enough, right?

If you are purposeful in your actions and clear on your intentions, it can be! 

When approaching someone about the opportunity you have to offer there are some simple rules to follow:

1.  Build a genuine relationship:  We have all been approached by someone who had nothing but their own agenda in mind.  They didn't want to build a relationship, they simply wanted to add to their team.  We were simply a 'number'...their next recruit.  When you are interested in building a relationship with the person you would like to ask to join your team it benefits you both!  The more you know about each other the better your relationship can be.  Together you can determine what is best for both of you and how to proceed.  A great partnership is built over time. 

2.  Listen With Selflessness:  When you are getting know someone, listen to the things that they say with selflessness.  Listen to them with interest and sincerity.  You will build a better relationship by getting to know who they are and what they are about.

3.  Offer A Choice:  When you do feel the time is right to discuss the opportunity you have to offer them, offer them a choice that fits their needs!  Maybe they could use a product you have to offer to simplify or better their life.  Maybe you can spend some time with them teaching them about your company and what you have to offer them and their network of people.  Maybe you have an opportunity that can offer them something they didn't know were possible.  By offering them choices, it will be obvious that you have listened to them and know a variety of ways you can help them.

4.  Follow Through:  Following through with something you have offered someone is very important.  It shows them that the time you spent was important to you and that their needs are important as well.  Bring up some of the things they mentioned when you spoke last, ask about family, and show genuine interest.

5.  Don't 'Just Ask' for the sake of asking!:  Remember, relationships are very important in all areas of life.  Be smart!  Don't ask just for the sake of asking.  Ask because you believe the opportunity you have to offer is something they would truly benefit from and you would truly like to partner with them.

With these things in mind, who are the next 10 people you would love to partner with and how can you begin to build a genuine relationship so that you can ask them to partner with you in confidence?


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