Identifying Your Priorities

Unfortunately, we can't accomplish everything we set out to do. That's life and that's perfectly ok. There is a silver lining to this truth.

In my last blog, I covered how to begin the process of setting dream-achieving goals. If you read that blog then you should have a brain that has been dumped at least once or twice.

Not every goal you've written down will make your list of priorities, no matter how SMART they may be. For now, you will sort all of the goals you've written down into five main categories:

Professional Development

Personal Development

Health & Wellness



Now, let's consider a few things:

  • Which goals will be the easiest to achieve?

  • Which goals are the most important to me?

  • Which goals will improve my life the most?

  • Which goals are realistic?

It's not for me or anyone else to choose your goals. This is your life, and you know how best to improve it. Take a look at your brain-dump and how you have categorized your goals. Now, use your critical thinking skills, grab your favorite highlighter, and highlight the top goal in each category. If you want, you can even choose your second favorite highlighter and highlight a runner-up in each category too. This is your priority list. Keep it personal and realistic.

You may find that you don't have goals in all five categories and that is ok. The most important thing to focus on is that you now have dream-achieving goals that are important to you.

Now, listen up. You know yourself better than anyone. It is completely up to you to set your limits so that you don't spread yourself to thin. Realistically, you can only be really good at a couple of things at a time (not everyone is a multitasker), so don't feel like you have to achieve everything all at once in order to claim the title of 'successful'.

Choose one or two categories to focus on or choose a goal from each category. This is up to you and there is no judgement. You do you. You should be feeling excited and maybe even a little scared. Push through any feelings of doubt or fear. You've got this!

You gotta know, it's important to find a way to acknowledge that you have chosen your life-changing, dream-achieving goals. Write them down in a special journal. Shout them from the rooftops. Make a vision board. Write yourself a letter. Share them with your 'person'. Just be sure to own them in a way that helps you to commit to achieving your goals.

Friend, you've got some work to do...get to it. My next blog will help you get to the fun stuff...the process of actually achieving your goals. You're going to love it!

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